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Limited Lifetime Warranty

Synfonia™ Floors warrants their flooring products are free from manufacturing defects.
Synfonia Floors products are free from milling and manufacturing defects granted installation and proper maintenance procedures are completely followed. The limited warranty will only apply to the original purchaser/owner who lives or works in the premises where the product was originally installed. The warranty is not transferable.


Flooring must be inspected before and be installed based on factory installation and maintenance guidelines. If any defects are detected please stop and contact Synfonia™ Floors. Industry standard quality variation of 5% is not considered a defect. Damage due to installation, transportation and storage is not covered under this warranty.

Warranty period

Synfonia™ Floors will guarantee product from any structural damage, separation of top layer and core layers when used under normal traffic conditions for a full 25 years (residential) and 5 years (commercial) from the date of purchase. Synfonia™ Floors will guarantee that products are free from any flaws resulting from application of wood stain, finish coating and other manufacturing defects. Products that are not installed per Installation Guideline or not maintained per factory recommendations will not be covered under this warranty.


Any surface damage(s) caused by lack of proper maintenance, indentations, scratches, negligence, spiked heeled footwear, water and fire accidents, wet mopping, erosion, pebbles, sand, abrasives, kitchen working area close to the sink or stove/oven where chemical and food coloring could impact texture and wood finish, underneath furniture, insects, pets, natural wood fiber surface discoloration, poor workmanship by installer, failure to follow all manufacturers written installation and maintenance instructions, or any kind of alterations of original manufactured products, attempt to repair, replace or refinish, misuse and use under extreme condition will void the warranty.
Color variations in wood are a natural occurrence. Within the same wood species, aging and exposure to UV light will cause color variations. Wood is a natural product and all wood floors will go through expansion and contraction due to seasonal or climate changes. These natural variations and associated events are not covered under this warranty.

Claim Process

To file a claim, contact Synfonia™ Floors. Claims must be filed within the warranty coverage period, accompanied by the original sales receipt to verify date of purchase. Synfonia™ Floors reserves all rights to repair, refinish, or replace at no cost to customer with the same or similar product (depending of avilability) of equal value, for any portion of the flooring that falls within the provisions of the warranty.