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French White Oak, American Walnut, Maple....Simple, Elegant, Sophesticated We make it all!

Finished and Unfinished Hardwood Flooring

Distinguished Custom Floors that are profoundly inviting!

Engineered and Solid Custom Hardwood Flooring...

Sensational designs, astonishing visual delights!

European French White Oak, American Walnut, Canadian Maple Wood Floors

Classic, Modern and Contempory designs that are exuberant and lavish!

Innovative Custom Finishes and Custom Wood Flooring

Best products, Best service, Best price!

Desinger Parquet Flooring

Creative artwork with astonishing patterns!

European French White Oak, American Walnut, Maple Hardwood Flooring

Synfonia Floors is a lead manufacturer of high quality designer and custom hardwood floors. We offer top grade European French White Oak, American Walnut and Northern Canadian Maple hardwood flooring in both Engineered and Solid wood planks in variety of contemporary and modern custom finishes for both residential and commericial markets.

To achieve the uniqueness and beauty that our customers desire, we offer many customization options, from innovative designer colors and finishes to variety of hardwood planks, sizes and characters including Wide Width, Long Length, Chevron, and Herringbone designs in both Engineered and Solid wood planks.

Our attention to quality and details of craftsmanship has gained us widespread reputation in the Flooring industry and has made us very popular with interior designers, decorators and architects. We combine our innovative finishing techniques with high quality and high grade hardwood planks to achieve the unique beauty that our customers desire.

We are committed to making the highest quality and most beautiful hardwood floors for our customers. That's the reason we offer exceptional warranty and stand behind our products for years to come! Your trust is our confidence!
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Custom Hardwood Flooring

At Synfonia Floors we strive to produce the highest quality and the most desirable hardwood flooring products. To ensure the utmost quality and stability in our products, we use a rigorous process of selecting our suppliers. Our product design, manufacturing and quality control staff work in close collaboration to ensure our products are reliable and meet customer expectations. Read More

Unfinished and Finished Hardwood Flooring

Please click on the images below to learn more about European French White Oak, American Oak, American Walnut, and Northern Canadian Maple hardwood flooring. All wood species are offered in various grades, plank widths and lengths, finished and unfinished.

Prefinished Hardwood Collections