Wired-Brush Imagination

Wire Brushing

Wire brushing adds beautiful texture to a floor while maintaining a smooth look by removing soft grain from the growth rings and leaving the heart of the wood exposed. Designers will often fill gaps with selective colors to produce characteristics that are absolutely fantastic to see. This process creates floors that are far very durable and also masks ordinary wear and tear caused by every day use. Synfonia Floors wire brushed products are available in a variety of wood species for both engineered and solid hardwood floors.

Hand Distressing Floor


Distressed wood flooring from Synfonia Floors adds a unique and rustic look to any room in your house. Products that are hand-scraped, foot worn and show other distinctive old-age marks are techniques used to create the appearance and feel of distressed wood.

Saw Marks

Synfonia Floors can work with you on the Saw Marks of your choice, on any species of wood that you desire. If it is available we can make it.


Fumed or smoked oak wood floors are very popular with interior designers, and are being utilized throughout the industry. Oak floors can be treated to change colors. This is achieved by introducing a small amount of ammonia in an enclosed environment such as closed or sealed tank. Simply having the ammonia present in the enclosed environment will cause the wood to change color by causing the tannin in wood to be brought to the surface.
The change of color depends on how long the wood is exposed to the ammonia. The longer exposure, the darker wood will become. The desired color can range from rich brown to almost black. Wood appears darker when the tannins of the wood are closer to the surface. Synfonia Floors can help produce the perfect look that you desire to match your designs.

Unfinished Hardwood

Synfonia Floors provides unfinished custom hardwood flooring for projects that requier specific milling criteria. We offer a full range of unfinished lumber, from Alder to Zebrawood in solid and engineered. Please review your project with our staff and provide your exact specifications. Let us go to work for you.